Taxation laws in India are complex and difficult to understand. The frequent changes in the taxation laws through yearly Finance Acts makes the subject matter more confusing and complex. The basic objective of tax planning is to reduce the tax burden by legal means. It should not be confused with tax avoidance.

"Tax planning may be legitimate provided it is within the framework of law. Colorable devices cannot be part of tax planning and it is wrong to encourage or entertain the belief that it is honorable to avoid payment of tax by resorting dubious methods".
McDowell & Co. Ltd. V. CTO (1986) ITR 148]

We in Viibrations, have a team of special tax consultants and they handle this facet in the more effective way. Solving all your needs and freeing you from all kind of worries. We co-ordinate the activities of

tax planning in pune

, vis-à-vis comprehensive financial planning.

Our tax planning team handles the part of Estate planning which is incorporated in the process of comprehensive financial planning. We highlight on importance of estate planning.

In estate planning the objective will vary from person to person. Some common objectives to mention include:
  • Ample and appropriate provisions for surviving such as spouse and children
  • Minimization of taxation liabilities
  • Protection of estate for beneficiaries with special needs
  • Succession of non-estate assets
  • Satisfaction of philanthropic objectives