As mentioned earlier a meaningful life does not depend on only one parameter but has multiple facets as gaining financial stability is of utmost importance. Enjoying life and financial independence gained in a healthy way and a sound mind is equally important. We in Viibrations offer the session of Spiritual Healing in pune, wish to blend the material pleasure along with this spiritual aspect. And thus, we wish to apply the rules of the Cosmos, the Universe, in making your life whole.

We all need healing. The demands are always on rise and the supplies have its own restrictions. We demand… from the society, from self, from the near and dear around you. As the economic cycle runs, so do our life cycle, trying to balance the imbalances, which are created in the normal course of life. The only difference here, is that every individual has his/her own style of resolving the problems. The resultant outcome - pain, anger, dissatisfaction, resentment, jealousy, rivalry, artificialness and so on, so forth.

Not only, these factors disturb us mentally and emotionally but it starts creating the disturbance in the easiness to create some ailment in the physical body which we call it as a disease. Acidity, frequent head aches, joint pains…. are the manifestations of our emotional imbalance. An irregular dietary habit adds to the problem.

Practicing Reiki, is one of the paths which will assist you as a true friend in this panicky situation and thereby, we all can expect positive outcome by regularly practicing in our day to day life situations. Reiki (Rei- universal: Ki- Life force energy) heals. Heals everything, which we feel the disturbing factors in our life. Reiki heals our mind, body, soul, relationships, thoughts and everything that we feel to be healed. Even it heals our financial aspects. Our intentions need to be true; we should be honest to ourselves. The demands should not be at the cost of others happiness. Purity of mind is the basic factor for practicing reiki.