Risk is a condition in which there is a possibility of an adverse development from a desired outcome. Risk is an economic consequence from the deviation or adverse development. It exists where there an uncertainty and will be experienced by an individual on each and every step of life.

If the time and amount of loss is certain then it is not a loss within the context of the above definition of risk. The greater the uncertainty, the greater is the risk.

We in Viibrations assist you to do

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, identifying risk, assess risk and deal with the risk. In order to eliminate or reduce the exposure to financial risk we can do at least four things:

  • Avoiding risk
  • Controlling risk
  • Accepting risk
  • Transferring risk

We at Viibrations help you in:

  • Estimating the amount required to protect life, health and property
  • Comparison of various products available in the insurance domain
  • Planning of appropriate risk coverage
  • Selection of suitable products meeting your needs which could be economical as well
  • Justifying the needs
  • Reviewing at regular intervals
  • Advising you about the advantages and limitations of the policies/products