The retirement period of a person should be his golden years. It should be a period where one can live gracefully, comfortably and has sufficient time to pursue activities of interest. However, if proper retirement planning is not carried out at an appropriate stage, the golden years can be harsh and merciless. The need for retirement planning is therefore, paramount.

Many people will not reach their retirement goals because they do not understand how to use the most effective tool for building wealth, i.e. time. There are two main keys to meet the financial goals – planning and discipline. A few suggestions in such wealth creation

  • Start early
  • Keep saving
  • Be realistic about retirement funding needs
  • Hedge risks
  • Manage debt wisely
  • Keep track of legislative changes

We in Viibrations help you to create wealth in

retirement planning in pune


We in Viibrations guide you to make your life comfortable, post retirement in the following way:

  • Analysing your post-retirement financial needs
  • Recommending you on your health related issues and financial needs
  • Recommendations on wealth accumulation
  • Estimation of pre-retirement and post-retirement expenses
  • Recommendation of the most appropriate type of qualified retirement plan and analysis of key factors affecting plan selection
  • Income sources
  • Financial independence
  • Wealth transfer