Learning reiki is one day session .But practicing it and thereby learning, is a process and gradually result in the development of mind and the body as a whole. The various kind of positive affirmations helps in creating a positive environment around us. And as a whole we can expect, only and only easiness in our lives. Thus, avoiding the disturbance and thereby keeping away the disease. It’s a process of becoming one with our higher self.

We in Viibrations, welcome you all in this

reiki training in pune

and let us all be helping each other to realize the true essence of life.

Reiki is taught in three stages.

First stage: This stage enables you to have self treatments and give reiki to others (only touch treatment). First stage will make you feel the warmth of reiki. You will experience the confidence, that yes; the divine energy is with you and you have the key to all problems. Reiki, at this stage will heal you physically.

Second stage: This stage could be reached and normally should be done once you are satisfied by practicing with all the intent in the first stage. Certain symbols along with the mantras are taught in this stage. The use of these symbols is explained. And certain practicing techniques are imparted. This stage enables you to send healing anywhere in this material world, to any person/thing. This stage will also enable you to heal your past, present and future, could be applied to any form of energy and thus help to fulfill your wishes. The distant healing (what’s normally called) is explained during this stage. This stage heals you mentally and emotionally.

Third stage: This stage could be learned anytime and it will be your eager that will create the hunger within you to learn more about it. A master symbol, what it is called as, is, taught? This is just to break the limitations to acquire knowledge and gain more and more to know your true self. This is a path of self realization.
Chakra exercises: We teach different techniques in color therapy to keep your energy centers (Chakras) balanced so that it purifies you physically, mentally and emotionally. Thus overall it impacts on the well being of an individual.

Meditation techniques: As the importance of meditation is proved and is known by all, we follow the method of combining different meditation techniques followed in the different parts of the world.