Consider an example:

You start from your house, but you do not know where to reach. You do not know when to reach. Put yourself in this situation and you will find yourself, reaching nowhere, just adding up your frustrations.

If you apply the same for your financial needs and goals the outcome will lead to agony and stress as well. If you are not able to accumulate wealth in the accumulation phase, that too, in the proportionate quantity, the chances are very high that you might miss your goals with varying margins.

Falling into the prey of various "sellers of financial products" and "so called" financial planners, advisors and consultants, psychologically, though it gives mental peace, but given a thought, for short term and in long term have you ever checked, whether these investments, will suffice your present needs and future financial goals?

Have you ever given a thought to the future financial needs compared to the changing economic conditions (inflation, interest, repo rate, GDP, etc.)

Have you ever analyzed your insurance needs and the various insurance instruments that you own?

You might have used the various readily available insurance calculators. Though they give you exact calculations, do you feel they analyze your needs? Do you really feel that it covers all your future needs vis-à-vis the growing and changing financial needs?

In this rapidly developing world are you aware of all the various financial instruments or financial vehicles available in the market?

Are you aware of the risk and return ratios of investment instruments like equities, debts, commodity, gold, etc….?

Can you precisely use these financial vehicles appropriately and keep changing those as per your changing financial needs, at different market scenarios, and have a joyful ride and pleasant journey to reach your destination successfully?

The list of questions is long. Honestly, the questions are not meant to point out your ignorance, but, sincerely we wish to direct you to think profoundly.

If you consider yourself to be a responsible parent, if you dream big for your family needs, if you visualize your children pursuing higher education, if you desire your retired life to be comfortable and enjoyable, then you need to check your financial health and follow the path of Comprehensive Financial Planning

We promise, that we are prepared and organized to assist you. Assist you and be with you on all your walks of life. We do not consider ourselves, just the service providers of financial planning in pune, but wish to associate with you forever, as a family member of Viibrations.