Financial planning in Pune

is a process of taking a holistic view of the financial needs of individuals and offering solutions to help them meet financial goals of their life. A financial planner provides a new orientation that puts the needs first and not the products. We in Viibrations shed the adhocism and move to make long term plans keeping in mind the financial goals.

We in Viibrations design a proper financial plan considering and evaluating the needs analysis. The processes involved in comprehensive financial planning are as follows:

  • Data gathering
  • Personal financial statement analysis
  • Analyzing your objectives, needs and financial situation
  • Developing appropriate strategies and presenting the financial plan
    • Setting up your financial goals
    • Analyzing your expected returns
    • Risk analysis
    • Making up a budget
    • Recommendation on savings
    • Asset allocation plan
    • Recommendation of various investment tools
    • Quantifying the amount in the recommended investment vehicle
  • Implementing the financial plan
    • Assisting in implementing and recommendations
    • Co-ordination as necessary with other professionals
      • Accountants
      • Attorneys
      • Real estate agents
      • Investment advisors
      • Stock brokers
      • Insurance agents
  • Monitoring the financial plan
    • Review and updates
    • Future financial planning
    • Recommendations to accommodate new or changing circumstances