We are not spared from the scorching heat of the sun. We enjoy a moonlight walk which has a soothing effect on our mind. We experience different incidences in life where we are not able to find an appropriate reasoning, but may have to suffer due to those incidences. Thus we can come to the conclusion that there has to be some reason for the event happening and everything has a cause and a relative effect.

Because the field of Astrology tries to reveal the relation of cause and effect and apply it to the planets around, as the factor of cause to the effect happening in one’s life. This path/art/science whatever you name it cannot be completely ignored / denied. How can we totally deny or erase all the work or the efforts taken by our respected ancestral scholars?

We in Viibrations, do not insist you to be agreeing with our opinion, neither do we force you to believe. It is our opinion and our passion to learn in various fields and try to apply this knowledge in the day to day life of every human being (in need). It is our yearning to help people from their distress, sorrows, worries, etc. from the problems arising in the fields of career growth, relationships, studies, health, financial stability, etc. We wish to apply the skills, where and when it comes to the curiosity and the necessity in a particular individual subject matter. It is for those who believe.

We in Viibrations, engage ourselves as a astrology center in Pune into:

  • Natal charts
  • Horary charts (Prashna kundali - pertaining to the particular question of a particular subject arising in the mind of a person at a particular time)