In the crowd of various financial products in the market and the respectable community pursuing people like you to purchase these products (irrespective of taking a note of your exact financial needs), to stand differently, we chose the path of knowing the financial needs of the people and various facets of

financial planning

, through learning. With the fulfillment of required standards we are authorized to claim ourselves as a CERTIFIED INVESTMENT ADVISOR {CFP}

CFP in Pune

Our hearts fill with joy when we find people healed and find themselves mentally satisfied and relaxed. No doubt, one's effort is the basic criteria to achieve success, but if it is empowered and associated with the divine blessings, healings and prayers, the assurance to achieve success, increases.

Though the certification is secondary requirement in such field compared to the primary requirement of actual experience and knowledge we have those authenticated certifications like CFP in Pune as well for your reference by our investment Advisor in Pune.

SIP Investment

We use the astrological aspect of SIP Investment, in certain cases and use the medium of horoscope pertaining to resolve the problems, which becomes hurdles in our progress. The analysis depends upon the various personal needs and certainly for those, who believe in the art and science of astrology. The use of astrology thereby limits, for those who prefer it and demands for the same.

We mention below our qualifications for your reference to establish the relationship based on transparency and authenticity.